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Copyright to Suzannah Safi 2010

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Entertaining and fun, Cocktails, Fiction & Gossip Magazine focuses on the literary world and features all the latest interviews, gossip, travel, and books. You will also find recipes and so much more.

Please join us to learn about new authors, their lives, and their insight on how they bring entertaining stories to life. Every issue will feature new writers, articles and industry news.

Participate and pose questions for our authors by visiting blog www.suzannahsafi.blogspot.com

Readers, do you want to be a guest on Cocktails, Fiction & Gossip Magazine? E-mail us at admin(at)suzannahsafi(dot)com, and join the party. Let us know what you like to read and learn about, as well.

Authors, do you want to reach out to your readers and keep them up to date on your new, exciting projects? Drop us a line.

Join us each month for a new issue.

Love. Peace. Happiness.


Suzannah Safi



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